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KOTTAS Kräuterhaus
Organic Oolong Tea

KOTTAS Kräuterhaus
Organic Oolong Tea


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We bring nature to your cup!

Our KOTTAS Kräuterhaus Organic Oolong Tea makes it easier for you if you don’t want to make a choice between green and black tea. With its nutty, tangy flavour, the oolong is somewhere between the two in terms of taste and therefore offers a first-class alternative. This is mainly due to the particular degree of oxidation. In contrast to fully oxidised black tea and non-oxidised green tea, organic oolong is a semi-oxidised tea.

Real precision is required in the production of oolong tea. Chinese organic tea farmers pick the larger leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) by hand. The tea leaves are then dried and withered in the sun until they are placed in an oxidation chamber after a period of rest. Continuous shaking and rubbing releases juice, which reacts with the oxygen in the air. At a certain point, the fermentation process is interrupted by heating the tea leaves. This is how the wonderfully spicy flavour of oolong tea is created.

The full-bodied oolong tea naturally contains caffeine. It is therefore ideal as a breakfast tea for a good start to the day or as a delightful energiser in between.

Ingredients: 100 % Oolong tea (contains caffeine) – organic quality

Preparation: Add one teaspoon of KOTTAS Kräuterhaus Organic Oolong Tea per cup into a preheated teapot with 80 °C hot water. Cover and let steep for one to three minutes for the desired effect. Then strain and enjoy!

Storage: Store aroma-protected, dry and not above room temperature (25 °C).

Net weight: ℮ 50 g

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