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Herbal house

Historisches Gebäude im 1. Wiener Bezirk in dem sich das KOTTAS Kräuterhaus befindet.

A paved square – one of the most beautiful in Vienna’s city centre. Winding streets all around. The clatter of horses’ hooves mingles with the hustle and bustle of the many people working at the market stalls, devoting themselves to art or simply strolling around. It lets one imagine scenes of medieval romance. It leads us further into the time of the k.u.k monarchy, when the Mag. KOTTAS Kräuterhaus opened its doors. A time when the Viennese population already came and visited the “Herbal Medicine Store” to acquire medicinal plants and recipes to prevent and alleviate complaints of all kinds.

To this day, the picturesque ambience of the Viennese Freyung is as well preserved as the original furnishings in the Mag. KOTTAS Kräuterhaus. Come on over for a little time travel! You will see – when you enter our herb house, time stands still in a magical way, while our employees advise you all the more enthusiastically.

Our assortment in the Mag. KOTTAS Kräuterhaus includes more than 600 tea and medicinal plants and much more.

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Mag. Kottas Kräuterhaus
Freyung 7
1010 Vienna

Tel.: +43 / (0)1 533 95 32
Fax: +43 / (0)1 532 56 10

Opening hours:
Mo – Fr 8:30 – 18:00
Sa 9:00 – 12:30

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