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CBD Hemp Tea

Relax with a soothing cup of tea! DR.KOTTAS “Hanf Toni” is caffeine-free and increasingly popular due to its spicy, strong aromatic taste and CBD content!

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    Hanf Toni

    TIME TO RELAX For DR. KOTTAS „Hanf Toni“, we have used only natural organic hemp (Cannabis Sativa) of the very highest quality. The hemp variety used for this purpose has been thoroughly tested, amongst others for it‘s THC content, and contains the typical ingredients found in the hemp plant, as well as flavonoids and essential oil. INGREDIENTS: Hemp (Cannabis Sativa)* * from certified organic agriculture . THC-Level under 0,2% Tipp: To help the active ingredients unfold, add 2-3 drops of good plant based oil or milk to your cup, before adding the water to your tea.


    Includes 10% MwSt.
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