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CBD Hemp Tea

Hanf Toni, Tea, Hemp, CBD, Relaxation

CBD Hemp Tea

Relax with a soothing cup of tea! DR.KOTTAS “Hanf Toni” is caffeine-free and increasingly popular due to its spicy, strong aromatic taste and CBD content!

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    DR. KOTTAS Hanf Toni

    TIME TO RELAX For DR. KOTTAS Hanf Toni, we have used only natural organic hemp (Cannabis Sativa) of the very highest quality. The hemp variety used for this purpose has been thoroughly tested, amongst others for it‘s THC content, and contains the typical ingredients found in the hemp plant, as well as flavonoids and essential oil. INGREDIENTS: Hemp (Cannabis Sativa)* * from certified organic agriculture . THC-Level under 0,2% Tipp: To help the active ingredients unfold, add 2-3 drops of good plant based oil or milk to your cup, before adding the water to your tea.


    Includes 10% MwSt.
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    Close-up of a package of Hanf Toni CBD drops in a colourful packaging in Reggae colouring with printed hemp leaves all over. The bottle is dark glass with a plastic dropper.

    DR. KOTTAS Hanf Toni 10 % CBD Oil

    RELAX & UNWIND DR. KOTTAS Hemp Toni CBD oil is composed of a 10% full spectrum hemp extract mixed with hemp seed oil. Full spectrum means that the oil contains the full cannabinoid spectrum and other valuable ingredients of the hemp plant. The hemp plants are from Austrian cultivation and were extracted by an innovative process particularly gently, so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. Our Hemp Toni Drops contain 10% CBD/CBDA in pharmacy quality and are produced and tested according to pharmaceutical guidelines. Recommendation for use Shake the vial well before use and apply 1-7 drops as needed 3 times a day. KOTTAS Hemp Toni Drops (10 ml) contain 1000 mg of CBD whole extract. Content per 10ml:
    • CBD 8 %
    • CBDA 2 %
    • THC < 0,2 % In hemp seed oil
    Without artificial additives. Made in Austria.


    Includes 20% MwSt.
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