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DR. KOTTAS Herbal Tea For Your Throat

DR. KOTTAS Herbal Tea For Your Throat


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The ideal herbal tea to soothe a scratchy throat and a rough feeling in the mouth and throat area. DR. KOTTAS Throat Tea was developed for the care of the respiratory tract. Marshmallow and ribwort moisten the mucous membranes, chamomile soothes, thyme and apple mint bring a fresh taste.

Tip: Drink a cup several times a day or also use as a mouthwash.

Ingredients: Ribwort leaves, Chamomile flowers, Apple mint, Thyme, Marshmallow root, Anise

Contents: The herbal blend is packaged in 20 double-chamber filter bags of 1.2 g, dosed ready for use, with the ingredients and flavour protected.

Preparation: Pour boiling water over 1 filter bag per cup (125 ml) and let steep covered for 10 minutes. Then squeeze the filter bag well and drink the tea lukewarm, sip by sip. The tea can be sweetened to taste.

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