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KOTTAS Kräuterhaus
Organic Pu-Erh Tea

KOTTAS Kräuterhaus
Organic Pu-Erh Tea


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We bring nature to your cup!

The sublime KOTTAS Kräuterhaus Organic Pu-Erh Tea is not a classic green or black tea, but truly in a class of its own. Before you can enjoy it in your teacup, it has travelled a long way from its home region, the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. There, the ripe Pu-Erh (Shu Pu-Erh) is produced in a complex process from the leaves of the Assam variety of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis var. assamica).

The older and fresh tea leaves, which are carefully harvested by hand, wither in the sun for some time before they are heated and roasted. However, oxidation is interrupted at some point so that a certain amount of residual moisture remains. Unlike other types of tea, the fine Pu-Erh is the only tea that is actually microbially fermented. For this purpose, the leaves are moistened with water and covered. Temperature and humidity are checked regularly while maintaining the highest quality standards.

During fermentation, the microorganisms naturally contained in the tea plant come into play. These convert the tannins and bitter substances into significantly milder polyphenols. They are therefore responsible for the fact that the flavour of the spicy organic tea also sets its own standards.

The typically tangy, almost earthy flavour of organic Pu-Erh Tea makes it the ideal digestif after hearty, heavy meals. The high quality of the organic tea leaves also comes into its own when enjoyed purely. Because the aromatic, fragrant tea naturally contains caffeine, it is also ideal as a stimulating accompaniment to breakfast.

Ingredients: 100 % Pu-erh tea (contains caffeine) – organic quality

Preparation: The distinctive flavour unfolds best in a pre-warmed teapot. Pour boiling water over 1 to 1 ½ teaspoons of KOTTAS Kräuterhaus Organic Pu-Erh Tea per cup. If you want to enjoy your tea rich in caffeine, leave it to infuse for 2 to 3 minutes. If you are looking for relaxation, we recommend a slightly longer infusion time of 4 to 5 minutes. Then strain as usual and enjoy!

Storage: Store aroma-protected, dry and not above room temperature (25 °C).

Net weight: ℮ 75 g

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