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KOTTAS Kräuterhaus
Iced Tea

KOTTAS Kräuterhaus
Iced Tea


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Refreshment for mind and body

On hot summer days – or whenever you feel the urge to cool down – KOTTAS Kräuterhaus Iced Tea is the perfect companion. The selected composition of black and herbal teas pampers your thirsty taste buds and provides invigorating freshness when drunk cool.

The caffeinated English Breakfast tea stimulates and impresses with the strong flavours of different types of black tea. The lemon verbena relaxes and exudes the lemony lightness of French savoir-vivre. The nana mint cools and refreshes thanks to the menthol it contains. This makes our KOTTAS Kräuterhaus Iced Tea ideal as a refreshing drink and base for your own summer cocktail creations.

Ingredients: English Breakfast (black tea blend), lemon verbena, nana mint

Preparation: Pour 500 ml boiling water over 2 tablespoons of the tea blend, infuse for 2 to 3 minutes and then leave to cool.

Top up with a further 500 ml of cold, ice cube-infused mineral or tap water, refine with a squeeze of lemon if required and enjoy!

Storage: Store flavour-protected, dry and not above room temperature (25 °C).

Filling weight: ℮ 100 g

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