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Sagrada Madre Incense Sticks
with Copal

Sagrada Madre Incense Sticks
with Copal


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Copal – Ready for happiness from head to toe

Sagrada Madre incense sticks with Copal, a resin, have a light lemony and fresh woody scent. Copal is said to have a cleansing and purifying effect, and to brighten the mood. This incense resin from the Amazon forest enhances concentration and stimulates the mind. In addition, Copal is revered as it is believed to attract both material and spiritual fortune. Therefore, it is considered one of the most noble and sought-after incense resins.
100% ecologically handmade in Argentina.


About Sagrada Madre:
Sagrada Madre, which means “Holy Mother”, is a family business from Argentina. They work in harmony with Mother Nature and are conscientious with their limited resources. To counteract deforestation, they plant more trees than they need for production. Sustainability and fair trade at all levels are a priority.
All incense sticks are made from renewable materials and packaged in natural packaging material to protect the environment.


Contents: 8 incense sticks with a burning time of about 1 hour and a length of about 22 cm.


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