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DR. KOTTAS Cistus Balm

DR. KOTTAS Cistus Balm


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Balm preparation with cistus and essential sage blossom oil according to old monastic tradition.

Cistus is an all-round talent – it has a very wide range of applications for skin care. Even in Ancient Egypt, the resin of the cistus was valued for beauty care. The balsamic properties of cistus, together with olive oil, are suitable for all skin types – even for the sensitive skin of children.

Essential sage blossom oil supports the much-described skin-caring properties of sage. The gentle and nourishing cistus balm can be used to strengthen the skin and cover irritated or sensitive skin with its protective layer.

It can be used for nail care and lip care. Cracked skin on hands and feet becomes supple, making it more difficult for unwanted germs to spread.

Some examples of use:

  • For sensitive, flaky skin prone to irritation
  • For lip care with a tendency to cold sores
  • For nail care
  • For hand and foot care (highly greasy), especially for skin that is prone to cracking

For example, for heavily stressed hands and feet: apply a thick layer and massage in, then put on light cotton gloves or socks and leave on overnight.

Cistus balm: 50 ml

Ingredients (INCI): Olea Europaea Oil, Cistus Incanus Flower Extract, Cistus Incanus Leaf Extract, Cera Flava, Salvia Officinalis Oil, Linalool*, Limone*

Ingredients (full declaration): Oil plant extract (olive oil, cistus flowers and leaves), beeswax, sage essential oil

* natural components of the essential oil

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