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Mag. Kottas Qi-Energy tea

Mag. Kottas Qi-Energy tea


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We bring nature into your cup!

Mag. Kottas Worldwide tea specialities invite you to discover the tastes from various countries from around the world. Discover China with our Qi tea, a herbal tea based on traditional Chinese medicine, providing you with more energy. This far eastern tea is based on proven traditional recipes. It is made predominantly with western or local herbs which have been classified according to their Chinese purpose.

Ginseng, lemon peel and angelica root give energy and strength. Ginger and rosemary warm and energize the body. Yarrow and peppermint solve blockades. Liquorice, lemongrass, cumin and fennel support this effect. “Qi” (pronounced chi) means energy and drive, we need it in our lives.

Ingredients: Ginseng, hibiscus, lemongrass, peppermint, liquorice root, cumin, fennel, yarrow, angelica root, ginger, lemon peel, rosemary, anise, lady’s mantle, narrowleaf plantain leaves, peony flowers.

Preparation: add 2 teaspoons per cup (250ml), fill with boiling water, let steep covered for 10 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Storage: Aroma protected. Store dry and not over room temperature (25 ° C)

Nett weight: ℮ 100 g

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